At Zen Harmony Diving, we believe health and fitness and diving are complimentary activities. Many people going on a diving holiday have tendency to arrive at their destination and immediately yearn to go diving. And yet in case of many people, they come from a background of working long hours in office environments with little time for physical exercises and thus many are stressed and physically unfit, especially so after a long journey often including long distance air travel.

Diving requires utmost care and pre-dive preparation, relevant, for example, to reducing the risks of muscle strain by cramping and injury, which tend to be common. Hence it is important to allocate time to pre-dive preparations to assess the health and fitness status as related and relevant to diving.

This is the perfect time and place for you to get centered and present before your dive.

On arrival at Zen, you’ll meet with Zen Harmony Diving professionals including your diving instructors and guides as well as health and fitness experts, who will help assess your physical condition via a simple series of assessment tests that will indicate the areas requiring additional focus with regard to breathing, meditation, yoga, ayurveda massage, ayurveda diet, Zentsu relaxation and rejuvenation. From these recommendations you will join our specialized Zen Harmony Breathing, Yoga and Mediation classes. You will receive a Zentsu session in either the pool or the Ocean. You will also receive a consultation with an Ayurvedic Expert to discuss issues of nutrition and diet and diving fitness.

For example, the Zen Harmony Diving breathing expert and your diving instructor will brief you the concept and practice of Zen Harmony Breathing and give you breathing techniques on how to improve your air consumption, become a buoyancy master, and be more calm and comfortable underwater. During your diving holiday, you’ll regualarly learn and practice how to implement these techniques before and after your dive.

All of our Zen Harmony Diving program components are designed to maximize your dive time and significantly enhance your enjoyment of the underwater world by making the whole process smooth and hassle free without compromising quality and safety.

You will meet with a Zen Harmony Diving instructor and together you will plan and agree the timings of your dive package and or certification process.

Annex 8: Zen Harmony Diving Health and Fitness Enhancement 


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