Meditation is performed in a state of inner and outer stillness and concentration. The core objective of meditation is to channel awareness into a more positive direction by totally transforming one’s state of mind and concentration. The individual preparing to meditate usually starts off by harnessing awareness, such as focusing the mind onto a certain object. Once attention gets engaged, concentration turns into meditation.


While there are a wide variety of meditation techniques, two main categories comprise all major forms. The first, concentrative meditation focuses the attention on the breath, an image or a sound, in order to still the mind and allow a greater awareness and clarity to emerge. Sitting silently and focusing on dynamics of breathing is concentrative meditation in its most basic form. Anxiety causes breathing to become shallow, rigid and uneven. In contrast in a state of tranquillity and calmness, breathing is slow, deep and even.

The purpose of the second category, mindfulness meditation is to increase awareness of the inundation of “sensations and feelings” around oneself, but at a distance. In mindfulness meditation, one experiences every aspect of the environment without consciously thinking about or reacting to it, thus gaining intense calmness and clarity.

Meditation is important to all aspects of our well being. All of us are confronted everyday with tasks to do and often this leads to worry that in turn inhibits clear thinking towards finding solutions. The underwater in every sense offers the most ideal environment for natural and unconscious pathway to meditation at its best.

In water, the environment and awareness of breathing creates a natural relaxed state. It is not enough to simply be relaxed, the diver needs to be focused, totally aware of his or her depth, position, and resources to permit him or her to take better and safer decisions. Zen Harmony Mediation teaches the practices required for skilful and skilfully controlled response to any underwater situation scuba divers and any on-surface-water situation for snorkelers. Achieving a meditative focus during scuba diving as well as during snorkelling empowers the focus to truly see and feel the beauty of the oceanic water world.

Annex 2: Zen Harmony Diving Meditation Exercises, pre and post diving

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Zen Harmony Meditation is an important part of Zen Harmony pre dive process.

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