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We believe that together we can make this world a better place. If we act as individuals this mission is less possible to achieve but if we unite our efforts everything is possible. There are many ways of participating in our mission – we invite you to come and experience Zen Harmony Diving, or email us and find our more about it, become our partner anywhere in the world and open your own Zen Harmony Diving centre!

Zen Harmony Diving mission reflects our core purpose and focus of entire program

  •  To increase awareness of human health and fitness benefits of Zen Harmony Diving, integrating scuba diving and snorkelling with harmony breathing, meditation, yoga and Ayurveda holistic wellness.
  • To develop Zen Harmony Diving Centres as renowned Centres of Excellence for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling
  •  To incorporate innovative scuba diving and snorkelling technologies towards mobilizing wider public participation in exploring the wonders of the amazing underwater world.
  • To spread Zen Harmony Diving practices for the exploration and protection of the oceans on a global scale via direct presence and selected partners around the world.

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