It is ironic we are rarely taught how to breathe air in, to hold the air in, and to breathe out is the basis of life, since without this we cannot survive even for a few minutes. The practice of Pranayama is critical to maximizing the effective capacity of the lungs, the fundamental purifying engine of our body. Zen Harmony Diving incorporates essential yoga practices, such as pranayama, into scuba diving.

We were searching for tools that can introduce this techniques underwater. Learning proper breathing practices is beneficial in any case and it is very important even when using conventional diving gear. We went a step further and integrated Ocean Reef full face masks into our concept, which allows scuba divers to implement all previously learned pranayama into their dives and immediately see the benefits of it.

The innovative Ocean Reef invention, the Full Face Integrated Dive Mask (IDM), allows diver to breath comfortably and naturally through the nose. It does not leak water and it generally never fogs the visor. It also gives divers the ability to use voice communication and speak with a fellow diver as well as with the surface, because the lips and mouth stay free. IDM gives us the possibility to get back to a more efficient natural breathing underwater and here at Zen Dive Resorts we offer training sessions using the new material and help to develop improved breathing techniques. This not only results in reduced air consumption, but also creates a better balance and buoyancy performance, thus enhancing diver relaxation in the water.

Trough Zen Harmony Diving training your dives will become relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable!



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