The world’s oceans and seas are the lifeblood of our Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet’s surface, driving weather, regulating temperature, and ultimately supporting all living organisms.

Marine scientists, policy makers, and ocean conservationists have the responsibility to provide the credible knowledge to create public awareness of the plight of the oceans and oceans wealth. However it is the community of scuba divers and snorkelers, with their real first hand experiences and underwater observations, that have the responsibility to share them, and thus champion the marine protection and rehabilitation projects around the world. Without the voice of these ambassadors of the oceans, it is unlikely that the world can mobilize and trigger policy and public actions and commitments to save the oceans.

It is the scuba divers that often are the first to see the marine damage that is occurring and observe the status of the local marine environment and health. Scuba divers see it up close and at first hand the reality of broken pieces of coral, injured fish, household and industrial waste products and their impacts on the marine life and environment. Large corals formed over a hundred years, broken down from a giant magnificent individual to a small insignificant piece, highlights how fragile life under the sea actually is.

Zen Harmony Diving™ vision is to substantially increase the community of scuba divers and snorkelers and through their leadership, enhance wider public awareness of the need to change our interface with all forms of marine life and protect the oceanic world, our largest and most precious natural resource. We have the responsibility to increase policy and public commitment and actions towards protecting and conserving the world’s sacred oceanic resource and create a vision of health, harmony and healing for all.




Like many other places in the world, Bali too is suffering of pollution due to fast development and tourism creating tremendous debris produced by daily increasing numbers of people. Lots of it end up floating in the oceans and creating further more damage by being ingested by fish, birds, mammals, and at the end of the line humans. Zen Harmony Diving™ is organizing “Plastic Free Oceans” event every 28th in the month and everyone is invited to join. If you are a certified diver you may assist with collecting debris from some of the dive sites in the area, otherwise join beach cleanup. Read more to discover how you can take a part in this activity!


Thriving reefs around the Indonesia are one of the oldest in the world. Therefore name “The Coral Triangle” is well deserved. Coral reefs are one of the major producers of oxygen, without which human existence would be impossible, as we all know. However, reefs are getting systematically damaged as a result of diverse factors, and as usual we are the one inducing the major risk. Zen Harmony Diving™ has approached this problem from the first hand side – we are creating the “Underwater Garden” with the idea of recovering at least some damaged created. Would you care to plant your coral? Read more to find out how!


As we all now, only trying to fix the problem when it is already raised is not always enough. Therefore Zen Harmony Diving™ in the partnership with “International Human Funds” is working on the education of future generations within local communities. Through educational games we help kids understand in a fun way, what are the human behaviors needed to be changed in order to preserve our planet. There are many ways you can help with this project, starting today! Read more to join our efforts!

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