Zen Harmony Diving™ and Zen Dive Resorts organizes an underwater and beach clean-up event, “Plastic Free Oceans“, on the 28th of every month. After a detailed briefing, certified divers (equipped with gloves and mesh bags) dive into the ocean to collect plastic with one of Zen’s PADI instructors. Non-divers are more than welcome and can join the beach clean-up effort. We try to re-use as much of what we collect as possible. For example, flip flops can be used for numerous things like pin boards, ink stamps, fillings for bean bags, etc.

We hold our Earth’s oceanic water world in the highest regard; it being home to millions of marine species, flora, and fauna, most of which remain unknown. This undiscovered wealth of the Oceans may hold the means for our sustainable future and the welfare of future generations. However, pollution is a problem that can no longer be left for future generations to solve. We need to take action now to find and implement solutions. Zen Harmony Diving™ is working towards this goal by organizing underwater and beach clean-ups, hoping to ignite a difference.

The scope of underwater and beach cleanup is not solely in removing debris from it but also in collecting data. By understanding where the main pollutants stem from, we can take action to remove the problem before its consequences litter our beaches and oceans.

The data collected from the Plastic Free Oceans underwater and beach clean-up gets fed into Project Aware Dive Against Debris Map. This map shows the types and amounts of debris scuba divers around the world have removed and reported from underwater environments since 2011. Our trash does not belong underwater however more than six million tons of it enters the ocean each year entangling and injuring marine life and damaging critical habitats. Most of the debris collected (at the moment over 350,000 pieces from 550,000) is plastic! Together, we can work towards implementing sustainable solutions to remove plastic from our oceans and prevent it from entering it in the first place.

You can become an underwater hero and join our Plastic Free Oceans event now! To find out more simply send us an email.


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