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Pranayama is the science and technique of regulated and effective breathing. Breathing is the act where we take air (“prana”) from the atmosphere into our lungs, absorb oxygen from it into the blood supply, and exhale the air together with carbon dioxide and water vapour.

It is ironic we are rarely taught how to breathe air in, to hold the air in, and to breathe out is the basis of life, since without this we cannot survive even for a few minutes. The practice of Pranayama is critical to maximizing the effective capacity of the lungs, the fundamental purifying engine of our body. Our lungs comprise of some 73 million cells and in normal breathing only a third of the lung cells get oxygenated. Increased and effective utilization of the lung capacity would have a major impact on our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. At birth humans are deeper belly-breathers, which is natural and healthier. As we grow the environmental factors and stress causes changes in our breathing. Most adults become shallow chest breathers whereby the bottom third of the lungs is hardly used. It is important to regain the natural ability to breathe in a slow, deeper and healthier manner.

Based on Pranyama techniques, we have developed Zen Harmony Breathing that meets the needs of scuba divers during pre-dive preparation, post-dive rehabilitation as well as daily breathing exercises towards improving effectiveness and efficiency of controlled breathing. We have s designed special breathing techniques to the specific needs of Scuba Diving and Snorkelling.

The benefits are endless but some of them include:

  1. Increased awareness and practice of correct breathing technique and pattern in an underwater environment that is 800 times denser than air.
  2. Specific guidance and training on how to translate this awareness and harmony breathing practices into techniques that improve balanced flotation and reduced air consumption (by 15% to 20% on average) during the dive and the removal of excess nitrogen after the dive.

The Zen Harmony Diving and Snorkelling programs include daily before and after diving, breathing exercises to enhance lung capacity, depth of breathing etc.  Our experiences indicates that even in a period of 5 to 7 days diving holiday, a conscious awareness and practice of “correct” breathing leads to enhanced efficiency of air consumption and buoyancy balance, both relevant to an enhanced scuba diving and snorkelling experience.

Annex 1: Zen Harmony Diving Breathing Exercises, pre and post diving

Zen Harmony breathing is an essential part of Zen Harmony Diving pre and post dive processes.

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