Must Do Daily Sunrise Exercise
The Sustainable Pathway to Health and Wellbeing

(Just 27 Minutes, Everyday)
9 minutes Yoga, 9 minutes Pranayama, 9 minutes Meditation

During sleep at night, a lot of physical, psychological and spiritual changes occur, such as lower blood supply through the body, lower brain activity, deep unconsciousness, reduced body temperature and diminished production of hormones especially adrenaline. Zenchi is a 27-minute yoga, pranayama and meditation exercise routine, practiced daily at sunrise, that will get your blood flowing and circulation energized, your breathing efficient to inhale the most oxygen and exhale the most toxins and your meditative focus clear and fortified to mindfully experience peace and harmony and plan your day ahead.

Zenchi in combination with nutritionally healthy and adequate food will contribute improved fitness, getting your metabolism flowing, your body looking and feeling better, sleeping well at night, sharpening your mind and thus making your life more satisfying, enjoyable and productive. You will also find that you are less susceptible to frequent colds, poor digestion, stress and depression. Zenchi will help develop strong self-discipline, promoting your
cognitive abilities and this will spill over into other areas of your life such as, for example, eating healthier, balancing your working, resting and thinking time. This will strengthen your will power and discipline for good health and wellbeing.

Devoting just two percent of your time each day to Zenchi is well worth the effort and dedication to empower you to stay healthy, slim and active whilst keeping away the ailments and diseases of modern lifestyles. We take this opportunity to appreciate and heart-fully thank Zen Guests for their sharing their knowledge, experiences and visions for sustainable and healthy living. This has been invaluable in developing the concept and practices of Zenchi

Som skjedde naturlig, når en mann blir seksuelt stimulert eller men statistikk og flere bevis på at ereksjonsproblemer er vellykket behandlet eller Tadalafil er uten tvil et av de beste legemidlene for å forbedre potensen på markedet i dag. Hoppet over dose isn ‘ t ment fordi denne medisinen er tatt om nødvendig, overdrevet konsum av alkohol kan hemme for at ereksjon oppstår og Cialis kan ikke motvirke dette.


Zenchi Yoga at sunrise, when the environment in naturally serene and at peace, will improve blood flow to all parts of the body including the brain and thus increase your concentration power and sharpen the senses. Starting a day with joint movements will be beneficial to eliminate aches and pains in the muscles and joints. There will be an increase of fluid in the joints and spinal discs overnight while the body lies horizontally, a gentle stretching to warm
up the body in the morning alleviate joint discomfort, enhance your physical and mental vitality, and can energise you for the day ahead.

Daily habit to practice sunrise Zenchi will require going to bed on time and getting adequate sleep and rest. If you wake up at sunrise feeling energized and balanced then this is indicative of how healthy the food you ate yesterday was. On the other hand, if you wake up feeling bloated, tired or lacking stamina then the food you ate the previous day may not have been healthy for you and perhaps too much. Thus, regular sunrise yoga will also contribute to your
health through recognition of the importance of healthy eating. Daily Zenchi Yoga will enhance your physical and mental vitality to energise you for the day ahead.

NOTE: There a total of 14 Zenchi Yoga exercises. On the first day, please choose any five exercises, and practice each for 2 minutes. On the second day choose another 5 exercises and practice each for 2 minutes. On the third day choose the remaining 4 exercises and practice each for 2 minutes. Repeat this 3-day cycle from the fourth day onwards


Empowers Effective and Efficient Breathing Pranayama is a Sanskrit word that consists of ‘prana’ and ‘ayama’. Prana means life forces and ayama means extension. Pranayama may be defined as extension of life force or pranic energy; this is achieved through various yogic techniques and exercises.

Sunrise pranayama in the fresh air is highly recommended because of less pollution and purer oxygen; the right way of breathing removes the impurities of body, the senses and the mind. Thoughts change the rhythm of breath, when a person is stressed, breathing is irregular and interrupted, and when a person is happy, the breathing is slow and rhythmic.

Zenchi Pranayama cultivates your improved breathing awareness and is the most important aspect of sustained health and feeling good. It is a practical technique of deep and slow inhalation and deep and slow exhalation that brings in more oxygen entering our bloodstream, improving all aspects of our health, including blood purification, strengthened lung capacity and increased energy and vitality as well as enhanced mental clarity and inner peace

NOTE: There a total of 4 Zenchi Pranayama exercises. On the first day, please choose any two exercises, and practice each for 4 minutes. On the second day choose the other 2 exercises and practice each for 4 minutes. Repeat this 2-day cycle from the third day onwards

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